"Brisbane, Austrialia's Lawrence English stopped by the Clocktower studio while on a brief tour throughout America. Lawrence is a composer, producer, curator, label-head of Room40 records, and a well-known globe-trotter. He was kind enough to revel host Elliot Stapleton with stories of traveling around the world for unique field recordings that included hydrophonic atmospheres from Stradbroke Island, famous winds of the world, and an attempt to record silence in Antarctica. (28 minutes)"

    "He also has a tendency to undermine the hierarchies by which the ear organizes what it hears, so that the things we usually tune out—bugs, bushes, breezes—become just as important as more conventionally musical material."
  • Rave Magazine (AU)

    "Casting an eye over the early autumn rain, ANDREW TUTTLE catches up with Room 40’s LAWRENCE ENGLISH prior to his seasonally affected album launch."
  • Boston Phoenix (US)

    "This seasonal release on 12k is a bit out of sequence, but the hazy, sublime sounds of A Colour for Autumn are perfect listening any time of year. Australia’s Lawrence English, who runs the Room40 label, uses a delicate mix of field recordings, live instruments, and electronics to evoke the beautiful tension of a season that is somehow neither here nor there."