• BBC (UK)

    ""I always had this visual sense of my music on the screen; the moving bars, dots, lines.""
  • Sintesi Festival

    "For the visual part of his live performance he will show a movie. Actually it isnĀ“t a film or music video, but a visual realization of the frequency- and amplitude behaviour of the music. As always he tried to create complexity from simplicity. So he built the visuals just from horizontal and vertical lines, which - driven by and synchronized to the music - produce graphic patterns, looking like moving testcards."
  • Boston's Weekly Dig (US)

    ""I would not use the word minimal to describe my music," declares Berlin based musician Frank Bretschneider (AKA Komet). "This is a fixed term for other music from other times. I'd rather call it economic and, maybe, microscopic.""