• The Milk Factory (UK)

    "In the early 2000s, David Newman founded Audiobulb, a label which has since been a catalyst for contemporary electro-acoustic works and sound-based projects involving a wide range of artists. Two years ago, Newman released his debut album as Autistici, a project which he had started working on in 2000. We took the opportunity of the release of Detached Metal Voice – Early Works (Vol. 1), a collection of early material released on Audiobulb, to catch up with him and talk about both his music project and his label."
  • Tokafi (.com)

    "Yes the perception is yours whether it is calm and simple or busy or complex. The listener will decide. To my ears the simplest sound is a pure sine wave. The development of any noise beyond this constant and pure tone involves a million complexities. "
  • Modyfier (US)

    "I listen to the mellotron at different pitches and feel comforted by its tone. There is a lot of nostalgia in this sound."
  • Cyclic Defrost (.com)

    "David Newman is carving out a role for himself in a niche where less is decidedly more."
  • Textura (.org)

    "TEN QUESTIONS WITH: AUTISTICI by Leandro Pisano "
  • Blow Up (IT)

    "The name autistici acknowledges the part of me that has an obsessive preoccupation with sound. I have met many people who have been labeled as having autistic spectrum disorder (ASD"
  • Earlabs (.org)

    "Autistici is a UK-based composer and sound designer. He has released material on numerous labels/netlabels such as Stroem, Audiobulb Records, Hippocamp, Kikapu, Nexsound, TIBProd., Filament, Wandering Ear, and, most recently, 12k. Any fragment of audio, organic or synthetic, can become source material for his compositions. His is the music of tiny details, abstract ambience, and broken space...."