Taylor Deupree: Washington Post Express (2010)
While I powered through shoveling by listening to Motorhead, the music that soundtracked most of Snowmageddon 2.0 came from the 12k label.

Run by all-around artist Taylor Deupree, whose work encompasses sound sculpting, graphic design and photography, 12k specializes in minimalist electronic music that often beats with an acoustic heart. There's also a D.C. connection with the New York-based 12k: In 2000, Deupree teamed with the District's own internationally known microsound guru Richard Chartier to form the LINE sublabel, which focuses on installation works and digital minimalism.

But the appeal behind so many of 12k's musical releases, including Deupree's, is the way so many incorporate acoustic sonics — guitar, piano, cello, etc. — with the limitless options of electronic manipulation. The label's recordings are imbued with a very real sense of looking out at the wonders of the real world — such as our own ice-saturated landscape — and trying to translate that majesty and sadness into digitized filigrees, glitchy bytes of beauty and meditative blips of melancholy.

Visit 12k.com to hear MP3s and buy music. Releases by Deupree, Tu M', Solo Andata, Seaworthy and Pillowdiver are what soundtracked my mind's drift through the snow.
Taylor Deupree