by Boban Ristevski

Q: How often do you find people in America that make minimal microsound music? Also what do you think generally about the electronic music scene in USA today? I think most of the people who are into the global electronic music scene know about Twine, Orthlorng Musork, Sutekh, 12k/Line, Kid606, Tigerbeat6, Rawkus Records, Hefty Records, Matmos… What other important artists and labels I missed?

Taylor: I get a lot of demo cds from american producers.. So there seems to be a lot of interest in it here. i think 12k is much more well known here in America than in Europe.... The labels you mentioned are very good ones.. yes, there is also a small label called Apestaartje which releases very interesting sounds... Also Intransitive Recordings from Boston and Bremstrahlung from California.

Q: Your music is released on your own 12k label, but you also have albums on other labels. What do you prefer, to release your music on 12k or on other labels and let other people take care of your music? Or maybe you simply don't care much about the difference between these 2 situations?

Taylor: I do not have time to release all of my works on 12k.. as I like to release sounds by other artists just as much. So maybe one release per year of my own on 12k. Releasing on other labels broadens the reach of my music. Some labels are bigger than 12k.. like Mille Plateaux, and reach more people than I can with the small size of 12k. Other labels are smaller than 12k, but provide a very unique audience... so there is benefits to releasing on more than one label, of course. I have a cd coming out, a collaboration with a long time friend of mine, Kenneth Kirschner, on the Sub Rosa label this month. They have a very nice back catalog of releases and will reach an even wider range of listeners.

Q: If you have to choose, what would be more important to you: running a label or making music?

Taylor: oh, music, without question. i have been making electronic music for almost 18 years and do not plan on stopping any time soon.. no matter what happens with 12k or any other label i might run in the future. Exploring the relationship between technology and sound, and creating new environments with sound is the most important thing in my life. Trying to create something beautiful, however small, in this horrible, violent world that we live in. a small space, a place to breathe.
Taylor Deupree