marcus fischer focuses closely on the fine details of things- his sonic and visual work reveal an unfolding process of meticulous patience and refinement. where this sort of perfection-seeking normally alludes to sparse output, marcus is remarkably prolific in his varied creative practices. we’re not sure he sleeps because we can’t figure out when he gets it all done. beautiful music, glorious treehouses, family adventures, stunning photography- so inspiring.

i. Instrument, Utensil, Implement, Machine, or Apparatus? which? why? where? if you had to choose just one preindustrial tool, which would it be?

ooh, that is a tough one… but i would have to go with instrument. i am a firm believer that (in the musical sense) anything can be an instrument. if you spend enough time learning the ins and outs of anything, you can coax something magical out of it. because i tend to mix musical and non musical things together quite a bit in my work, i’ve learned ridiculous things like which bamboo whisk (when crushing the bristles in my hands in just the right way) can make the most beautiful walking-in-frozen-leaves sound -or- how to place a contact mic in just the right spot on a small piece of foil where you can make the sound of a large piece of metal bending and bowing under it’s own weight. if you dig deep enough, you are bound to find something worth keeping… or at least worth showing to a friend.

in the preindustrial era i would choose the drum as my tool of choice. for communication or entertainment, you can’t go wrong with a drum.

ii. creativity has been redefined throughout the ages. our most modern tends to focus on process, placement, person, and output (or product). do you find your abilities within this realm of definition or do you see outside influences, such as divine inspiration, muses, daemons, or forces of nature as factors?

i feel that my creative abilities are always at odds with each other and are competing for my time and attention. sometimes i really wish i had fewer interests. maybe i would get more done… or maybe i would just produce (even) more boring work… it’s hard to say. I think that because i am always spending a little bit of time on a lot of different things my creativity is defined by cycles and chance. I seem to get caught in a pattern of working on one thing over and over again for a while until something bumps me out of that locked groove and into another one. i don’t know what causes the bump… maybe it is inspiration, or a force of nature or just simply a desire to move on. i am in a heavy photography phase right now… but i am wishing i were in a music phase.

iii. sound energy is the form of energy associated with the vibration or disturbance of matter. work, a form of energy, is force times distance. in living organisms, energy is stored as polysaccharides. common terms referring to such magical energy include mana, numen, chi or kundalini. how do you derive energy? how would you define your own personal energy?

my energy comes from constantly being surprised by the things around me. learning something new and then suddenly seeing it everywhere. finding the magic that happens when you combine two things… falling hail with the tines on a toy piano. listening. traveling. meeting people from different places. seeing how my three year old daughter discovers the world. my energy also comes from simpler places. making my wife laugh… then seeing if i can do it again moments later. holding something well designed in my hands and thinking about what care went into making it. remembering places and people… and thinking about what they mean to me.

i hope my personal energy is perceived as a hushed, warm, welcoming (and sometimes humorous) wave… but it isn’t up to me to define.

Marcus Fischer