Marcus Fischer: Electroacoustic Tales Guide (2011)
In our digital world music and arts in general tend to be more low fidelity again - any ideas why?
I’m not sure if i’ve seen it as an overall trend but for myself i think it is where i feel most comfortable. I have always leaned toward a lower fidelity aesthetic… all the music that i’ve ever made has been along those lines, whether it was playing in indie bands or my early home recording experiments. Things like tape recorders and cheap microphones have always been my tools. I find that there is often much more beauty in a sight or sound where some detail has been lost. Your mind always fills in what you can see or hear clearly.

Blogs, facebook, twitter and the likes: blessing or curse for you as a freelance artist?
I think it is only a curse in the sense of having more things to distract you and more sites to maintain… but i also think it has been pretty amazing for artists to be able to share and communicate with like-minded people around the world so easily.

You composed free download netlabel releases and a commercial physical album. What do you think about the co-existence of the different label concepts (netlabel / commercial)?
I think that there is most certainly room for both to co-exist. As much as i love all of the wonderful netlabels out there, i still feel like physical releases satisfy something in me that a download never could. I am a very visual person and things like packaging and design are very important to me. I have always been drawn to labels with a strong visual identity. Labels like factory, 4ad + 12k are perfect examples of that. Over the years i have discovered a lot of music just based on the strength of their sleeve design. I can’t say that i’ve ever discovered a net release that way. That is one thing that really doesn’t come in to play with me as far as netlabels are concerned. With a netlabel i tend to search out releases by people i already know or ones that have been recommended to me.

In addition to that: does this co-existence affect the listening habits in your opinion?
I don’t feel like i listen to net releases differently than i do releases from traditional labels… at least not intentionally. I tend to get more excited when a new cd arrives in my mailbox than when a file shows up in my downloads folder but once the music ends up in my itunes library it is all treated the same way.

What’s your hope for the development of arts in this decade?
I hope that arts funding once again becomes a priority for politicians. Very soon we could be seeing the absolute end of public arts funding in the united states. Many kids no longer have any art + music education in their schools. It is so important for kids to have that as an outlet. As a new father i find the possibility of that to be quite disturbing.
Marcus Fischer