1. The Pleasure Principle - Gary Numan

When I was 12 years old, I searched through every single record in my family's basement in the hopes of finding one with a song called "Cars" on it. By pure luck, I discovered a copy of Gary Numan's The Pleasure Principle. It was because of this album that I went into electronic music.

2. Songs from Liquid Days - Philip Glass

It was Philip Glass who first articulated for me the concept of being a "composer," as opposed to being a keyboardist playing in a band. As a teenager, Songs from Liquid Days was probably my favorite Philip Glass record.

3. Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division

For me, Joy Division is music that you keep in a glass case with a small hammer nearby and a sign saying, "In case of emergency, break glass." I carry it with me everywhere.

4. Big Science - Laurie Anderson

I had a friend who used to stop by my apartment every single night and demand that we listen to Big Science. And every single night, the album just got better and better.

5. Piano and String Quartet - Morton Feldman

In late 1993, I randomly picked up a used copy of Feldman's Piano and String Quartet. Minutes into my first listen, I thought, "This is going to change my life." It did.


As for my current projects, I've just finished up a track for the forthcoming 12k compilation due out next month; the piece is constructed entirely from samples of the work of the other artists on the CD. Right now I'm working on a new piece based on sounds by Tomas Korber, a Swiss composer who works with guitar and electronics. And Taylor Deupree and I are talking about doing a "sequel" to our collaborative CD post_piano, which we'll hopefully start in the next few months.
Kenneth Kirschner