Sawako is a sound sculptor, a timeline-based artist and a signal alchemist in the urban life environment who understands the value of dynamics and the power of silence. Once through the processor named Sawako, subtle fragments in everyday life float in space vividly with a digital yet organic texture. She is interested in the soundscape and the media scape of digital era, and her activities are making bridge between public and private, virtual and actual world.

Sawako released her albums from 12k (USA), and/OAR(USA) and Anticipate (USA). She had collaborated with Taylor Deupree, asuna, HYPO, Ryan Francesconi, Toshimaru Nakamura, Taku Sugimoto, Andrew Deutsch, Jacob Kirkegaard, Kenneth Kirschner, Daisuke Miyatani, Nobuko Hori, Radiosonde, among others. Her unique sonic world has been called “post romantic sound” by Boston’s Weekly Dig.

She has performed internationally as an audio and/or visual artist in MUTEK (Canada): Warm Up at P.S.1, Armory Show, Diapason, Le Poisson Rouge, Tonic, Diapason, Monkey Town, Issue Project Room, Roulette, World Financial Center Winter Garden, Starbucks Salon, BAP Festival (NYC); Corcoran Gallery (Washington DC); UCLA Hammer Museum (LA); OFFF Festival (Lisbon); Glade Festival, Resonance FM, ICA (UK); Batofar (Paris); m12(Berlin); Offsite, Super Delux, Bullets, Apple Store (Japan).

Her work has been featured in The Wire (UK), Blow Up (Italy), Improvised Music from Japan (Japan), NY Art (US), e/i magazine (US), DEBUG (Germany), Go MAG (Spain), GAFFA (Denmark) among others.

Sawako obtained a Master’s degree in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University where she studied Networked Expression, Physical Computing, Post Linear Narrative and Audio/Visual Studies. She received a B.A. from Environmental Information Department at Keio University, SFC, Japan.

Born in Nagoya, Japan, studying the classical piano over 10 years and Japanese Nohgaku Theatre for 6 years when she was a child.


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