Christopher Willits’ is a San Francisco-based multimedia art, electronic music and guitar pioneer. Using his self-designed software to “paint with his guitar” (Pitchfork), Willits creates “mesmerizing, intricate electronic soundscapes” (Nowness) and lush audiovisual performances of weaving patterns, texture, and harmony. A guitarist, composer, producer, photographer, visual artist, and system designer, Willits manifests his creativity into relaxing experiences of overlapping sound and light. Working solo and in collaboration with the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Matmos, Willits, a Mills College graduate with a master’s degree in electronic music, has released 20 plus albums within the last decade, albums of “incredibly intelligent compositions” (Tokafi) that defy genre in the spirit of beauty and experimentation.


Taylor Deupree + Christopher Willits
Invisible Architecture #8
Taylor Deupree + Christopher Willits
Various Artists
12k Promo 001
Willits + Sakamoto
Ocean Fire
Taylor Deupree + Christopher Willits
Live In Japan, 2004
Christopher Willits
Folding, And The Tea