Tomoyoshi Date and Corey Fuller, both currently residing in Tokyo, met in 2006 through their mutual friend and collaborator, Chihei Hatakeyama when Fuller was invited to play a show with Opitope in Tokyo. Living in separate places at the time (Date in Tokyo, and Fuller in Bellingham, WA) the two began collaborating when Date first visited the pacific northwest in 2008. Recorded in a historic 100+ year old church in Bellingham, WA, Shizuku is the duo’s debut album for 12k and the world.

Tomoyoshi Date
Born and raised in San Paulo, Brazil until the age of three, Tomoyoshi Date currently resides in Tokyo,  Japan. He creates acoustic and organic sounds with a little touch of digital processing, a very original minimal music like a combination of the warmness of Brazil and the delicateness of Japan. Drawing from the influences of rock, jazz and post-rock music, he started to create electronic music in 1998.  Soon, his tracks were featured on the Fat Cat and Mille Plateaux websites and radio stations in the US. In 2003, he formed the group Opitope with Chihei Hatakeyama (Kranky, Room40) and have released their highly acclaimed 1st album Hau (2007) on the Japanese label Spekk. In 2008, Date released his first solo album Human Being from Flyrec, followed by his second solo album Otoha on Own Records in 2011. Date is a physician who practices an integrated approach of Eastern and Western Medicines. Currently, Date is researching tumor immunity, and as a lifework hopes to research the relationships between music, eastern medicine and the brain.

Corey Fuller
Born in the US and raised in Japan, Corey Fuller is a musician and multimedia artist from Tokyo, Japan. Growing up between several different cultures and traveling extensively as a child have made geography and a sense of place major components of Fuller’s music. His work is a slow and gradual music composed of infinitesimal details comprised of processed and delicately treated acoustic instruments, field recordings, and other sound sources. In addition to his work as a solo artist, Fuller finds his collaborations with other artists invaluable. In addition to his collaboration with Date, he is currently collaborating with Mathieu Ruhlmann, Tyler Wilcox, Chihei Hatakeyama of Opitope. Fuller also belongs to a trio with Hatakeyama, Date called kuukoka. The trio’s debut album is scheduled for release in 2012 from Celer’s label, Two Acorns. Hatakeyama and Fuller have a full-length album entitled euphotic scheduled for release on Infraction Records in 2011. In December 2009, Fuller released his first solo album, Seas Between on Dragon’s Eye Recordings to critical acclaim.